SMS Games

SMS Games and SMS Promos are how we first dazzled the market. We work hand-in-hand with Telcos and provide new revenue streams through games such as our patented, market leader promo, SMS Survivor.


Mobile Apps

Whether it's an app that will help your client base become better parents, learn a new language, or help them get around in a sponsored event, we're committed to adding value to your offer and exceeding your expectations.


IT Consulting 

In case Information Technology is not your core business, we're here to help you work towards the most efficient, cost-effective and creative solutions for your mobile strategy. Get in touch today. We'd love to talk.

Our Partners

SMS Survivor

In a world where many end users see SMS contests as somewhat deceitful, SMS Survivor came as a breath of fresh air with an innovative and honest approach to both the promo game-flow and communication design.
An SMS game that's 100% merit-based with absolutely no luck involved. An SMS Game 2.0.
In order to win €5000, iPhones and countless other prizes, players must answer a series of progressively difficult general knowledge questions. The catch? If you miss a question you'll probably be kicked out of the race. A quiz where everyone starts out a winner and becoming a survivor is all up to you.

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